Our mission is to raise beautiful, healthy, affectionate Persian kittens who will give your family years of love and companionship.


The cost to adopt a kitten ranges from $600-800. This includes a veterinarian signed health certificate and a written health guarantee. A starter package of food is also included. CFA registration papers are available. A pedigree is available for an additional fee of $50. References may be requested to ensure that our kittens are going to good pet homes only.

We are now offering shipping to all major airports. Extra charges apply. We are also willing to make arrangements to meet you at a point along a major interstate or at an airport.

Your kitten does not come with breeding rights. If you are interested in purchasing a kitten with breeding rights please contact me. Only reputable breeders will be considered.

We now accept Paypal for kitten deposits and payments. To make a payment, you can click the button below.


Adoptable Kittens


Our kittens are registered with the Cat Fancier’s Association. We specialize in the exquisite Shaded and Chinchilla Silver Persians. True to the silver breed, our kittens have large aqua to green eyes outlined with black “mascara” markings. Their noses are brick outlined in black and their paw pads are black. Their fur is white, subtly tipped in black, giving them a silvery glisten. Occasionally a rare golden is born.

Although we do not show our Persians, we do strive to protect and perfect the qualities that make the Silver Persians unique. We believe that over the years we have raised many kittens that are comparable with those seen in the show ring. We will let you be the judge.